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At DTM FILMS, there’s no such thing as an impossible task. Our experienced team is willing and able to tackle any project, always on deadline. Check out our list of services below and contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Our Services


We offer high-quality and engaging photo content for businesses and individuals.

We follow the 5 bracket HDR method to get the professional look you need to sell more listings. Our images are delivered within 24-48hrs and delivered to put on your MLS or Listing Websites.


We offer professional, high-quality and engaging videos for businesses and individuals.

We shoot our content in 4k for that high quality look you need to sell your listings. Our video services include anything from a basic listing video to a home tour or even video reels for your social media platforms.


DTM Films is a professional, FAA licensed, drone pilot and can be hired for commercial use. We are FAA complient.

We provide up to 4k video and 48MP photos as well as HDR 5 bracketed photos (at 12 MP). We fly a DJI Mini 3 Pro, which allows us to create "true" vertical videos for Instagram and TikTok videos without cropping.

We perform timelapses and hyperlapses, and other advanced manuvers and techniques all while flying manually.

(We rarely use auto or pre-programmed settings!)


Our bundles allows you to get the most value out of us by getting all of our photo, video, and drone services all in one visit!

Our bundles will help give your buyers the best sense of the property and help them have more confidence in you and in the home.

Which will allow them to be more willing to put in that offer!

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phone: 208.206.5880

email: Danhansen@dtmfilm.com

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